The Health
& Life Skills Department


The Health and Life Skills Department focuses on increasing knowledge, developing skills, and 

connecting course content to real-life situations. As Health Educators, we are dedicated to helping 

students increase their overall health and level of success – both during and after high school. All 

courses offered include hands-on-learning and the integration of technology with the goal of engaging 

the student and enhancing their learning experience in the classroom. In addition, our courses offer 

opportunities for student to explore various careers. Health 9 and Health 10 are both graduation requirement courses. Child Development is an electives that can be taken at any point during a student’s high school career.


The Health and Life Skills Department will assess the following academic competency from the 

school’s 21st Century Learning Expectations: The student applies acquired knowledge and skills to new

and/or real world contexts.


Health 9




Credits: 1.25

Grade: 9

Prerequisite: None

Length of Course: Meets 2 out of 6 days per cycle; One Semester

This course focuses on health issues that affect the everyday lives of teens. This course includes health 

knowledge along with skills that can be used to create and sustain healthy habits. Topics include stress 

management, substance abuse prevention, nutrition, human sexuality, time management, and 

relationships. Projects and activities in this class will build on writing, decision-making, and internet 

research. This course is a graduation requirement.

Health 10


Credits:  1.25

Grades: 10

Prerequisite: None

Length of Course: Meets 2 out of 6 days per cycle; One Semester





Credits:  5

Grades - 9-12

Prerequisite: None

Length of Course: Full Year

This course studies the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of the young child from 

birth to age nine. This class is ideal for any student who currently babysits, has young siblings, or is 

thinking about becoming a daycare provider or teacher. The class is also an excellent option for students 

interested in working with children or families in any medical profession. Stages of pregnancy, prenatal 

development, parenting, and various health issues will also be covered. An optional teen pregnancy 

prevention project involving a computerized baby doll will be offered to students. Along with the 

textbook, the course will include guest speakers, internet projects, interactive class activities, and 

elementary school visits.